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Virtual Reality | Real-time | Interaction & Animation. These words just sum up this sneak preview of our recent work in progress. New updates coming very soon!

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3,5 miljoen euro Vlaams geld voor be-MINE PIT Het mijnbelevingscentrum Beringen wordt hefboomproject voor heel Limburg
Image published in A+ 266!

Our images of the Vaartkapoen were launched today with the completely new and first edition of the BRUZZ magazine. Opening the 'Actua' section with a community center in Brussels that will be renewed soon. Existing buildings will make room for a green & public area...

The city of Leuven is investigating the option to make the idea of 'Leuven Bad' a reality. If all permissions are obtained in the required time-span, people would be able to swim in the Vaartkom by the summer of 2018! Read the full article on Nieuwsblad...

Our updated images of campus Dommelhof were released in the news today. This competition winning nursing home, or even a village as described in the article, is designed by Lava architects, View the article here: http://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20170414_02834518...

Visuals of a recently opened-up space at the Langstraat in Borgerhout that will serve not as long as the name of the street indicates. It is a temporary community spot with trees, benches, play triggering elements and two wooden structures. Onkruid started on March 14...

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